Event Details


OC1/2 The Lakes OCC

12 Nov 2017

The Lakes Outrigger Canoe Club presents a standalone OC1/2 Regatta on Sunday the 12th of November 2017.

Here is the race invite.

For the paddler, we will be offering Long Course, Short course and Ultra-Short course.

The courses out of Swansea have remarkably similar conditions to what Paddlers can expect at the OC1/2 Nationals at The Lakes Entrance Victoria just two weeks later, on the 24th-26th of November. There is plenty of reasonably priced accommodation in and around the Swansea area for paddlers who need to travel. This makes TLOCC’s regatta a fabulous warm up for the National event.

The long Course and Short Course will start in the Swansea Channel.  Paddlers will head out toward the Reid’s Mistake headland where they will head south and traverse the tricky waters between Moon Island and the cliffs.  Short Course paddlers will head straight to Spoon Rocks Bay being careful to avoid the rough patch off Stinky Point.  They will turn and head back the same way then in through the heads with a nice run down the channel.  Long Course Paddlers will set out past Spoon Rocks until they come to the turning Buoy just off Quarry Head.  The course will head around the back of Moon Island which creates a straight run in through the Swansea Heads across the bar, ready to catch those nice runners alongside the Blacksmith’s Break Wall.

The Ultra-Short course will be inside the Swansea Channel.  It has varying tidal flows and small bumps so it makes it a perfect race for those who are newer to paddling and who are not quite ready to confront open ocean but still want to experience a tiny taste of the challenges that the open ocean offers.

Overly bad weather? Never fear Lake Macquarie is at hand to deal out a challenge to any self-respecting OC paddler.  This is a tidal Lake with plenty of open water which, when you mix it up with a strong wind, can throw some massive runners. 

Spectators are in for a real treat on this course.  There are seven locations from which the off-shore racing can be clearly viewed. These are easily accessed by car with minimal walking. Free and easy parking along the way.  Here are the spectator couse maps:

However, if you find yourself waiting at the Start/Finish line, there will be a coffee cart and barbecue on hand to keep you satisfied.

Please check out the TLOCC Facebook page https://www.facebook.com/TheLakesOutrigger/ where updates will be added as we get closer to the event.