Event Details


Coral Sea Small Craft Regatta

22 Aug 2020 to 22 Aug 2020
Coral Sea Small Craft Regatta - OC1' s, OC2's and V3's.

There will be 4 events on the day of the regatta, OC1's, OC2's and V3's.  The race distances will be 4 kms and 12 kms.

Coral Sea OCC has signed up to the Industry COVID Safe Plan for Sport.  CSOCC have received approval to run this regatta from AOCRA  and NQ Zone.  Be aware NQ Zone continues to monitor events taking place in SE Queensland and, should circumstances change NQ Zone paddlers will be notified immediately.

Comminication:  for the event will be posted via CSOCC's social media.

Physical Distancing: Physical contact is permitted in limited circumstances such as:

  • loading/unloading canoes;
  • rigging/derigging of canoes;
  • launching/retrevial of canoes;
  • washing/storage of canoes;
  • assistance in the cae of Huli or distressed paddlers.

At all other times physical distancing  of 1.5 ms is to be maintained. 

Contact tracing - all clubs will be responsible on the day for providing contact information to CSOCC and NQ Zone.

Regular cleaning is to take place on the day and be noted on the appropriate Schedules.  Paddlers and their guests are reminded to be aware of personal hygiene obligations for the day and adhere to these.

The program is available here.