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Coral Sea OCC Grand Prix Round Three

08 Jun 2024 to 08 Jun 2024
An exciting day of racing at Pallarenda Beach, Townsville - introducing the ***Club Unity Challenge***


Join us for a fabulous day of sprint (500 mtr dash) racing across all age groups and introducing the *****Club Unity Challenge*****


Club Unity Challenge

This event is designed

•  to provide an empowering opportunity for juniors to race with their club seniors in a relay style event;

•  as an all-inclusive event which relies on team spirit, club morale and depth in membership for competition;

•  to safely allow juniors to compete side by side with senior members of their own club.

  • Leg 1: OC1 will be a junior paddler (senior can accompany/escort on a separate craft). This leg may be shortened on the day based on conditions.
  • Leg 2: OC6 crew must contain: 4 senior paddlers (two men + two women) and 2 junior paddlers (any aged or gender)
  • Leg 3: OC2 crew must contain 1 senior paddler and 1 junior paddler.
  • Leg 4: OC1 will be a senior paddler.

Each leg will take an anticlockwise triangle course commencing and finishing on the beach. The distance is 1.5km for each leg.

No Senior individual can participate in more than one Leg. Juniors over 16 are only permitted to paddle in one of the legs.

Finishing paddlers will run 10m up the beach to “tag” the next team/paddler to start the next leg.

All members of the team must be from the same club. The intent of this event is to allow juniors to safely paddle as part of their individual clubs, with other club members.

•  Medals will be presented for 1st, 2nd and 3rd.

•  Prize money will be awarded based on a lucky draw from all teams competing. 1st draw = $200; 2nd draw = $100; 3rd draw = $50.

A copy of the PROGRAM can be downloaded HERE

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Race Director: Danielle Horsby Phone: 0438 177 372 Email: coralsea.occlub@gmail.com