Safety & Race Regulations



AOCRA has an extremely strong safety record Australia wide - which we are all very proud of and as a Zone, very proactive in maintaining.

At all times, whether training or racing, all members must adhere to the Maritime Safety regulations.  In addition, AOCRA's rules have provided further stringent regulations to ensure the safety of our members.  

Full details of AOCRA's safety procedures and training/racing rules can be found in the Regatta and Training Rules.  We strongly recommend that all members and volunteers read and become familiar with these rules and also the AOCRA Member Protection & Risk Management Policy.

The Zone has made certain zone-specific rules to cater to the unique racing conditions/club structures in North Queensland.  Click here for details of these additional rules (Matters for Attention 2018).


 Annual Huli and Swim Tests


All clubs must ensure that their members adhere and pass the Annual Swim & Huli Test.  See:

Annual Huli & Swim Test Requirements

Annual Huli & Swim Test Form

Flip Procedure


For further information please proceed to  AOCRA's Safety & Risk Management Page